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    "When men are against feminism, it’s frustrating, if ultimately predictable - groups with power have always been loathe to give it up. But when women come out against gender justice, it feels worse: no matter how fringe, the rise of the anti-feminist woman is not just baffling but a betrayal.

    Obviously “women” aren’t a monolith, and neither are the issues that they care about or believe in. But anti-feminist organizing is based on a deep hypocrisy and selfishness - an ideology built to assure conservative women that as long as they are doing just fine, other women will make do."
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    "Remember, like me, you also have a human half." Inspired by this post (x)

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    I wasn’t so sure about him. But now he is one of the best husbands I could ever wish for my fave clone

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    Wow Disney Channel has really expanded its dialogue.

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    come on, guys, we all know who is the boss here.

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    I thought it was gonna be my ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ moment..

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